Subscription is the future of automotive. We'll help you get there

Grow sales per customer. Alleviate margin pressure. Achieve incredible CSI. Build recurring relationships.

Clutch Subscription Platform

The Clutch Technologies Subscription Platform lets dealers offer multiple products from a shared fleet

Illustrated Clutch Subscription Platform

A suite of products to improve every automotive retail business

Improve Sales

Improve your sales and service performance

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Recurring Revenue

Sell recurring revenue products that solve problems for owners

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Beyond Ownership

Serve customers who want to move beyond ownership

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Clear benefits for your business

Sell More

Sell more

Attach new products to vehicle sales

Have solutions for every consumer

Solve problems and prevent walkouts

Grow Margins

Grow margins

Make your assets more productive

Optimize service lanes and loaners

Provide convenience that trumps price

Recurring Revenues

Accelerate recurring revenues

Retain more service revenue

Sell subscriptions for mobility and more

Engage early on the next vehicle sale


Differentiate your stores

Offer products others don't have

Provide "insanely great" service

Show you are working for customers

Clutch is the leading software platform for automotive subscription and dealer mobility

Proven to Scale

Proven at scale

50k flips delivered and counting

Powerful Algorithms

Powerful algorithms

1,500 automated updates to each store schedule every day

Turnkey Platform

Turnkey platform

5 minutes or less to purchase a subscription digitally

Used every day by the leading brands in automotive

Stores across the USA and Canada are running on Clutch. New services are launching every month. Clutch works with automotive dealerships, OEMs and more. 

We make it easy to get started with subscription and mobility  

Start with simple products with immediate benefits

Lean on extensive training and on-site support

Join others who have launched quickly and successfully

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