Experience data-driven fleet maintenance and management.

Customizable fleet management, maintenance and tracking software

From automated dispatch to telematics, the fleet management software behind the Clutch technology platform makes it easy for you to monitor assets, recoup costs and protect your vehicles.

Optimize fleet utilization | Make data-driven decisions | Increase profit margins

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Intelligent fleet management with a single platform

The more efficient your fleet is, the better your bottom line is. It’s that simple. Clutch’s proprietary data, backed by Cox Automotive, enables you to maximize efficiency and utilization with data-rich fleet telematics, powerful analytics, and easy-to-use apps, tools and dashboards—all from a single fleet management system that integrates seamlessly with finance and insurance systems.

  • Use GPS fleet tracking to create geo-fences and set up customized, intelligent alerts to protect your assets
  • Monitor mileage, driving behavior and vehicle service windows with fleet tracking software that gives you customized vehicle flags and alerts
  • Recoup fuel, toll and moving violation fees automatically for a rental fleet, commercial fleet or mobility fleet
  • Create convenient, frictionless out-of-store experiences customers will appreciate

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Better insights = better decisions

The Clutch software platform not only allows you to manage your fleet efficiently, it gives you the data and information you need to forecast accurately and make smart decisions about customers and staffing. A detailed fleet management report enables you to:

  • Understand financial trends with a powerful transaction engine
  • Make data-driven decisions using fleet telematics and analytics
  • Get better customer insights with the system that enables customized consoles and APIs
  • Provide highly accurate valuation and TCO forecasts
  • Manage staff with an intelligent workflow app

Clutch can help you optimize—even transform—your fleet operations to be more efficient and profitable. Find out how today.