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Consumer preferences are evolving

What if consumers sought out your brand not only because of the vehicles you and your partners offer, but also because of how you offer them? Some people enjoy owning their vehicles. Some prefer to lease them. Now, there’s a third option emerging— subscription services that put idle inventory to work profitably.

OEM 40 percent of consumers say
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of consumers say that while transportation is necessary, owning a vehicle is not.
Source: 2019 Clutch Consumer Subscription Segmentation
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of consumers are interested in vehicle subscription services.
Source: 2019 Clutch Consumer Subscription Segmentation

Give customers access and alternatives to ownership

Alternative revenue streams increase inventory utilization without slowing sales momentum. Attract customers who want the freedom of access, not the responsibility of ownership, with turnkey vehicle subscription and on-demand solutions for manufacturers. Clutch makes accommodating customers—those who want to own and those who don’t—easy for OEMs, with simple-to-use tools and dashboards for you and your partners, and intuitive apps for consumers.

OEM On deman rentals

On Demand Rental

Monetize existing inventory with rental solutions.

  • Offer a hassle-free car rental experience with an exclusive, touchless service that simplifies the car rental process with in-app bookings and more flexible terms
  • Monetize idle loaners and pre-owned vehicles to drive incremental revenue
  • Deliver added value to customers who need short-term transportation for weekend trips, or a temporary vehicle between repairs



Single Vehicle Subscription

Offer an alternative to ownership.

  • Give customers the vehicles they want and the flexibility they need at a price that suits their circumstances and lifestyle
  • Attract and engage customers who want the freedom of access—not the responsibility of ownership
  • Take advantage of a margin-rich recurring revenue stream that increases profitability

Plan Subscription

Give consumers choices in one easy plan.

  • Build loyalty and learn preferences by giving customers a reason to stay in close contact with your dealers
  • Create predictable cash flow with a recurring fee model that lets customers choose one or more vehicles
  • Grow your customer base and increase customer loyalty

Delight customers by optimizing partner efficiency

Brand loyalty is built on great experiences. The Clutch platform enables your partners in the automotive industry to identify and take advantage of opportunities to increase efficiency and create a safe, convenient experience that keeps customers coming back to them—and to your brand. It’s a win-win. The Clutch platform incorporates software for automotive brands that helps drive partner excellence:

  • Dealer inventory management
  • Car rental management
  • Fleet management
  • Vehicle subscription

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The Clutch advantage, from customers who’ve put it to the test

“We are trying to be as customer-centric as possible. We’ve done our homework, studied the data, and we think that we’ve designed an offering that gives the customer exactly what they are looking for. Younger generations are not so convinced to buy into a Porsche through ownership. Instead, they want access to the brand without being locked into a three-year lease. They want to get in and out just like they feel.”


Porsche Cars North America

“Clutch is a leader in developing technology to measure and control for risk as the automotive industry finds new ways to use vehicles. Clutch’s driver screening tools and behavior monitoring technology have enabled the insurance industry to build new, innovative insurance offerings to support the automotive mobility ecosystem. Their technology and their people are on the leading edge of this quickly evolving space.”

Jillian Slyfield
Managing Director Digital Economy Practice Leader, Aon

Clutch can help you optimize—even transform—your brand with entirely new ways of serving customers and dealers in the digital age. Find out how today.