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Take your business in new and profitable directions with one intuitive platform. Clutch's intelligent industry integrations, unified operating platform, and best-in-class user experiences will power your mobility needs today and into the future.

Retail Delivery

Bring the store to your customers.

  • Drive sales revenue in times of uncertainty with test drive and retail vehicle delivery for both new and used inventory.
  • Streamline the experience with at-home delivery. Now also integrated with Autotrader for a more seamless experience.
  • Automate employee dispatch with intelligent in-field tools.
  • Promote safety with touch-less consumer experiences.


Service Pickup and Delivery

Meet service customers where they are.

  • Drive more efficient loaner usage and increase service revenue with more unified, streamlined software. Also supports non-loaner use cases so you may safely pick up and return a customer's vehicle for service.
  • Automate employee dispatch with in-field tools tied to a system tracking real-time availability of people and vehicles.
  • Generate loyalty in delighting your customers with safe and thoughtful service touch points.
  • Promote safety with touch-less consumer experiences.


On-Demand Rental

A hassle-free rental experience with on demand access.

  • In-app bookings leverage Clutch's best-in-class white label native app solutions.
  • Automated scheduling optimizes the use of your existing fleet for a variety of use cases.
  • Flexible solutions with configurable business rules.
  • Promote safety with touch-less consumer experiences.


Fleet Intelligence

Activate a telematics-enabled fleet.

  • Recoup fuel and toll fees automatically.
  • Create geo-fences and set up configurable, intelligent alerts to protect your assets.
  • Monitor mileage and vehicle service windows with customizable vehicle flags and alerts.

Single Vehicle Subscription

Activate used vehicles and reach new customers.

  • White label consumer app allows customers to view vehicles and pricing with configurable shopping filters.
  • Leverage tools to determine pricing as a function of variables including vehicle value and expected costs.
  • Offer a more flexible mobility solution for your customers in these uncertain times.

Plan Subscription

Pool vehicles to offer flexible plans for your customers.

  • Own customers for life with subscription products that provide unmatched simplicity, variety and flexibility.
  • Efficiently on-board and off-board vehicles to maximize market returns; leverage under-utilized assets.


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