Subscription and mobility products for every automotive retailer

The Clutch Subscription Platform can elevate how you sell and service vehicles. Or you can serve those looking for an alternative to ownership. What problems can we help you solve?

Improve your current business

Add compelling services that let you engage owners, serve them better and earn the right to an ongoing relationship. All while improving the efficiency of your operations. 

Fleet Connectivity

Track assets

Improve fuel recovery

Manage tolls

Service Pickup and Delivery

Retain service revenue

Improve loaner utilization

Grow CSI

Vehicle On Demand

Let owners pay to access different vehicles for trips, projects and more

Exclusive benefit for your customers

Monetize your fleet

Extended Test Drive

Engage shoppers

Gather intelligence to win the eventual sale

Monetize your fleet

Sell recurring revenue products that solve problems for owners

Solve the pain points of ownership. Build loyal relationships by providing sustained value and doing more for your customers.

Fractional Subscription

Subscription for access to different vehicles several days per month

Additional product to sell in F&I or at service

Lets customers buy the vehicle they really want, yet have flexibility when needed

Solve EV range anxiety

Access and service Bundles 

Sell bundles of Service Pickup and Delivery, Fractional Access and more

Provide owners with most of the benefits of subscription 

Fill gaps for owners with tactical subscriptions

Use Single VIN / Model Subscription to solve customers' problems

Fill gaps between a lease or custom order

Vehicles for corporate transfers, foreign students, "snow birds" and more

Move beyond ownership

Today, some consumers expect more than owning or leasing can offer. Subscription products provide unmatched simplicity, variety and flexibility. 

Single VIN Subscription

Simple, consumer-friendly way to "sell" used vehicles

Move used inventory faster

You own the customer and you are in control

Single Model Subscription 

Subscription to a single make-model

Simplicity and flexibility for the consumer

Charge a premium for providing more value

Multi-vehicle Subscription 

The ultimate consumer driving product

Flip between vehicles as needs change

Own customers for life

A strategic platform for growing your business

Many products running on one platform. Launch additional products with ease

Build capabilities with Fleet Connectivity and Pick-up and Delivery

Drive utilization by running multiple products from a single or shared fleet

Form a single, personal connection with the customer then match them with the right products over time

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